Privacy Software that Enables Compliance with New Data Privacy Requirements (e.g. CCPA, GDPR)

With ACC Vendor Risk Service, corporate legal departments will gain insight and access to...

  • The nature of your relationships with third parties, ensuring appropriate conduct and ongoing diligence.
  • Where vendors exceed risk thresholds and which regulations they are subject to (e.g. GDPR, FAR and more).
  • Necessary reporting to conduct effective privacy impact assessments on third parties and showcase compliance.

    In as much as 50% of data breaches, cybercriminals gain entry to corporate data through third parties.


    Only 6% have a high degree of confidence that third-party vendors will protect them from cybersecurity risks.*

                                     *ACC Foundations: The State of Cybersecurity Report

ACC Vendor Risk Service Features

  • Process Orchestration


    Create a repeatable process for third-party diligence in which different teams collaborate to achieve, maintain, and defensibly document due diligence. Easily escalate "Vendors of Concern" to internal security experts for further review and resolution. (add image)

  • Intuitive Dashboards


    Get immediate insights with intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting, providing transparency into problem areas that require prompt attention.

  • Defensible Documentation


    Receive unprecedented program documentation and reporting that demonstrates diligence and provides evidence of controls.


Built on Globally Recognized Frameworks and Standards


    For the ACC Vendor Risk Service, recognized frameworks and models have been adapted. The three assessment standards can be easily modified.


    The Comprehensive Risk Standard builds directly off the NIST Cyber Security Framework and SP 800-171 standards as well as the intentions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other domestic and international requirements.