Driving Corporate Sustainability: the Expanding Role of General Counsel
22-24 May, 2019
London, The United Kingdom

Are you driving the discussion on corporate sustainability? 

Positive financial performance, regulatory pressure, material risk, and shareholder expectations are some of the reasons why you should be.

General counsel are in a prime position to raise the bar and comply with principles underlying the law, including social and corporate values. Join a global network of leading general counsel to discuss why environmental, social, and governance issues are top of mind for institutional investors, the c-suite, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Mark your calendar to be part of an elite group of general counsel who will discuss important and timely topics, including...

  • Corporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures
  • The flow of information: structure of the legal department and corporation
  • Investor focus on sustainability and long-term value
  • Dealing with a shifting regulatory landscape
  • ESG and the role of general counsel and board of directors as fiduciaries 
  • Corporate sustainability and your supply chain 
  • Mitigating rule of law challenges
  • Block chain as a disruptor
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Climate change and land use as a material risk
  • Crisis response
  • Among others...
Collaborate, share ideas, and build meaningful relationships in an exclusive setting with leading chief legal officers from around the world at the highly interactive ACC Global General Counsel Summit.

Leveraging Legal Leadership: The General Counsel as a Corporate Culture Influencer

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